Abbe Multi-Wavelength Refractometer model 1410 DR-M2

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Abbe Multi-Wavelength Refractometer model 1410 DR-M2 Refractive index or Abbe number can be measured at different wavelengths ranging from 450 to 1,100nm. For measurement at wavelengths ranging from 681 to 1,100nm, the optional Near Infrared Ray Viewer (parts no. RE-9118) is required. The DR-M2 dgitally displays measurement result of refractive index or Abbe number digitally on the LCD. Measurement can be acheived by matching the boundary line at the intersection point of the cross haires. MEASUREMENT RANGE: @wavelength 450nm: (nD) 1.3277 to 1.7379 @wavelength 589nm: (nD) 1.3000 to 1.7100 @wavelength 680nm: (nD) 1.2912 to 1.7011 @wavelength 1,100nm: (nD) 1,2764 to 1.6843 MINIMUM INDICATION: 0.0001 refractive index; 0.1 Abbe number MEASUREMENT ACCURACY: +-0.0002 in refractive index WAVELENGTH RANGE: from 450 to 1,100nm (with interface filters) MEASUREMENT TEMP RANGE: 5 to 50degrees C POWER SUPPLY: AC100 to 240V, 50/60Hz DIMENSION AND WEIGHT: Refractometer 13x29x31cm, 6.0kg; Light source unit 15x33x11cm, 3.0kg