Printer for Balance
552.30 552.30 552.3000000000001 USD
Printer for Balance
Digital Moisture Balance
4,480.00 4,480.00 4480.0 USD
The Digital Moisture Balance is rugged, accurate and simple to use. Because of this versatility, it is being used in both the laboratory and the production floor. Some of the specific operating features include: -Three operational modes -Sample sizes from a few grams to 100 grams -Results to +/- 0.2 % moisture -Readouts in grams (g) - % moisture - % solids - % dry weight -On-site calibration checks with the included calibration weight -Printer ready To run a test, the operator presses the tare button, loads the sample, closes the cover and presses the start button. The testing procedure is that simple; operators can be trained in minutes
Cenco Bulb
49.85 49.85 49.85 USD
Bulb for the digital Moisture Balance (250 watt)