Evaporator for Ores
24,000.00 24,000.00 24000.0 USD
ADP-512 High Heat Evaporator for Ores for Karl Fischer

1) Measurement for micro amount of water is least affected from ambient moisture because the movement of
sample boat is controlled by magnet, operated outside the sealed heating unit, and thus accurate and reliable
results are assured.
2) The newly designed electric furnace operates in a wide range of degrees from room temperature up to 1000°C,
featuring relatively short warm-up time, taking approximately 30 minutes for temperature rise as well as for
equilibrium respectively.
3) PID control by the built-in thermostat provides an accurate and stable oven temperature.
4) The safety while working on the electric oven is secured because the maximum temperature over the oven
surface is always kept under 70°C.
5) The built-in excessive heat prevention unit is another safety measures with a thermometer in it, which is
separate from the sensor for temperature control.
6) This evaporator is equipped with two types of electric furnace (for low temperature and for high temperature),
which enables measurement for hygroscopic water as well as combined water without taking the sample out
of the oven.
Evaporator (KF-610 series)
11,299.00 11,299.00 11299.0 USD
ADP-611 Evaporator

The ADP-611 is an evaporator/oven to be used and connected with a KF moisture titrator for moisture testing of solid samples, powder samples or samples that may interfere by side reaction if titrated by direct injection method.

-Type and model; Model ADP-611 Evaporator
-Heating method; Electrically conductive clear heater glass
-Temperature range; Control method: proportional
Setting range: 50 ~ 300°C Minimum temperature setting: 1°C
Temperature precision: ± 2°C
Temperature sensor: K-thermocouple
-Temperature display: LED digital 3 characters
-Heater unit : Pyrex glass tube φ 30 × 335mm
-Sample boat: Pyrex glass 68 L × 25 W × 15 H mm , Capacity 16mL
-Carrier gas: Nitrogen: not included in supplied parts./ Nitrogen gas, regulator, and tubing have to be prepared by user
-Gas dryer: Zeolite 100g 2 pcs
-Gas flow: 100 ~ 300 mL/min
-Dimension: 370 (W) × 195 (D) × 217 (H) mm
-Power: AC100 ~ 120V± 10% 50Hz/60Hz / AC220 ~ 240V± 10% 50Hz/60Hz (Pre-adjusted before shipment from the factory)
-Power Consumption: Approx. 300W
Weight: Approx. 5kg
Evaporator (for Karl Fischer testing heavy Oil)
8,850.00 8,850.00 8850.0 USD
ADP-513 Karl Fischer Oil Evaporator

-Digital temperature control
-Rotameter carrier gas flow control
-Built-in carrier gas drying system Operating temperature ambient up to 200°C Heated transfer tube
-Overheating protection
-Automatic cell evacuation system

Temperature Range: Room - 200°C
Heating method: Cartridge base heater
Ambient conditions: 5 - 35°C, less than 85% RH
Power: AC 200-240, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 400W
Dimensions: 320 x 210 x 330 mm
Weight: Approx. 6 kg
Touch Panel Controller
7,457.00 7,457.00 7457.0 USD
MCU-610 Touch Panel Controller for Titrator
KEM Amenity Meter
4,312.00 4,312.00 4312.0 USD
Liquefied gas sampler/MKC
3,345.52 3,345.52 3345.52 USD
K433-3389: Liquefied gas sampler/MKC, MKA

Parts Included:
(1) Connecting pipe12-05241
(2) Needle 66-00196
(3) Sampling cock 12-05144
(4) Exhaust tube 􏰓 Desiccator 12-04306 (not for MKC)
(5) Bubbler 20-09225
(6) Bubbler adapter 20-09226 (not for MKA)
(7) Stopper with septum 98-433-0062
(8) PTFE Packing 20-05723
(9) Stand, Clamp, Clamp holder 98-433-0063
(10) Desiccant Container 12-05333 (not for MKA)
(11) Silicone grease 12-04181
(12) Liquefied gas sampler Operation Manual 59-00427
1Component Type Titration Cell Unit with Funnel
3,297.72 3,297.72 3297.7200000000003 USD
1Component Type Titration Cell Unit with Funnel
2Component Type Titration Cell Unit
3,248.00 3,248.00 3248.0 USD
K120735501(12-006-6100-48) (K433-0005): Karl Fisher Cell Unit; For two solution system; Includes Titration cell, Inner buret (2-solution), Twin Platinum detector electrode and other attachment
1Component Type Titration cell unit
3,245.00 3,245.00 3245.0 USD
Titration cell unit complete with 1component inner burette, detector electrode, port plus, and stir bar
Liquefied gas sampler/MKA
3,106.55 3,106.55 3106.55 USD
K433-3014: Liquefied gas sampler/MKA
Heat Extractor for Sugar Samples
2,985.00 2,985.00 2985.0 USD
ADP-344; Heat Extractor for Sugar Samples
Homogenizer attachment
2,927.33 2,927.33 2927.33 USD
K433-0085: Homogenizer attachment
Heater tube
2,400.00 2,400.00 2400.0 USD
K433-0087: Heater tube
2,389.65 2,389.65 2389.65 USD
K770-048: Hood
Titration unit / homogenizer
2,389.65 2,389.65 2389.65 USD
K433-0086: Titration unit / homogenizer
2,270.17 2,270.17 2270.17 USD
K433-0104: Oven
Magnetic stirrer with dispenser
2,105.00 2,105.00 2105.0 USD
K433-0068: Magnetic stirrer with dispenser
Inner burette (2-Component)
2,075.00 2,075.00 2075.0 USD
K1205195 (K1201262) (K433-0006): Inner Burette (2-component) for Karl Fisher titrators.
Inner Burette (1-Component)
2,075.00 2,075.00 2075.0 USD
K1205194 (K1203746/K103-0002): Inner Burette (Diaphragmless, 1-component )
Constant Volume/Speed Injector
1,875.00 1,875.00 1875.0 USD