1.0M KNO3 electrode filling solution
1.0M KNO3 electrode filling solution
61.00 61.0 USD
1Component Type Titration Cell Unit with Funnel
1Component Type Titration Cell Unit with Funnel
3,297.72 3297.7200000000003 USD
1Component Type Titration cell unit
Titration cell unit complete with 1component inner burette, detector electrode, port plus, and stir bar
3,245.00 3245.0 USD
2Component Type Titration Cell Unit
K120735501(12-006-6100-48) (K433-0005): Karl Fisher Cell Unit; For two solution system; Includes Titration cell, Inner buret (2-solution), Twin Platinum detector electrode and other attachment
3,248.00 3248.0 USD
A&D-HR-200-C Analytical Balance
A&D HR-200-C Analytical Balance The HR-200-C offers ten units of measure including grams, carats, troy ounces, pennyweight and momme; and provides capacity of up to 210 grams (1050 ct). Features: -Large weighing chamber holds up to a 250mm volumetric flask wide angle LCD Display -Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) software -Multi-functional weighing: %,counting,grams,mg. oz ozt,dwt,ct,mom,GN,t,TL -Clearly marked operating keys, full range tare -Range Key: suppresses least significant digit for faster speed & better stability when required -Counting function -Push button calibration -Front key selectable weighing filters -Outputs serial number of the balance -System diagnosis: IDs overload, weighing pan error, power failure, digital tare error, calibration errors & low battery -Body & frame constructed of exta strong die-cast aluminum alloy -RS-232C standard -Optional Battery pack -Last digit suppression -One touch printing -GLP/LIMS/ISO compliant Specifications: -CAPACITY: 210g -READABILITY: 0.1mg -PAN SIZE: 85mm /3.3" dia. -PERCENTAGE MIN DIV: 0.01%, 0.1% or 1% (auto prompt) -COUNTING MIN WEIGHT: 0.1mg -STABILIZATION TIME: 3 seconds -SENSITIVITY DRIFT:+-2ppm/degreeC -DISPLAY REFRESH: 5 times per second/10 times per second -DIMINENSIONS: 8.4x12.6x11.9" -WEIGHT: 12.5lbs
2,400.00 2400.0 USD
Adapter for gas (for MKC-210)
K433-3393: Adapter for gas (for MKC-210)
203.13 203.13 USD
Adaptor for 1mL piston burette
K550-5204: Adaptor for 1mL piston burette
477.93 477.93 USD
Adjusitng axis B
K550-0155: Adjusitng axis B
39.37 39.37 USD
Adjusting axis A
K550-0154: Adjusting axis A
70.87 70.87 USD
Air pump
K331-0085: Air pump
370.39 370.39 USD
Air pump for carry gas
K740-0003: Air pump for carry gas
693.00 693.0 USD
Air pump unit
K433-0096: Air pump unit
704.95 704.95 USD
Anode adjuster
K075-3411:Anode adjuster
1.00 1.0 USD
Aquapal III Carry Case
Aquapal III Carry Case -Hard Case with metal clasps -Internal foam padding supports -Internal storage compartments for needles and accessories
560.00 560.0 USD
BJ Adaptor with seal
K550-5249: BJ Adaptor with seal
71.69 71.69 USD
BJP20 tube (L=1100)
K12-001-9400-48 (K439-5263):BJP20 tube (L=1100); Extra long delivery tube recommended for ease of reaching the sample changer
237.28 237.28 USD
Balance Interface For Mka210 For Satorius As-210s
K10B-A21:Balance Interface For Mka210 For Satorius As-210s
577.50 577.5 USD
Base oil
K591-0004: Base oil
48.98 48.980000000000004 USD
Bent-type sampler (for powder)
K1204576 (K740-3011): Bent-type sampler (for powder)
125.00 125.0 USD
Boat Push Rod (611)
K433-0098: Boat push rod
325.00 325.0 USD