Hydranal Formamide Dry, 1Liter bottle
CC34724 -1L; A co-solvent for Volumetric Karl Fischer titrators. Add this co-solvent to either one-component solvents (Methanol Dry or Methanol Rapid) or two-component solvents (Hydranol Solvent) to improve solubility. Formamide improves the solubility of polar substances in methanol and is therefore prefered for the determination of water in carbohydrates, proteins, and inorganic salts. Formamide also accelerates the extraction of moisture from solids and is used in the titration of starch and other foodstuffs and naturally occurring substances, as well as in titrations as elevated temperatures. Formamide should not be used at concentrations >50% by volume.
119.34 119.34 USD
Hydranal Medium K, 1 Liter bottle
CC34698 - 1L; A solvent for Volumetric Karl Fischer titrators testing samples with ketones & aldehydes. This working medium solvent is to be used with the Hydranal (volumetric) composites (Comp5,Comp2,Comp1). This solvent contains chloroform to aid in sample solubility.
148.00 148.0 USD
Hydranal Water Standard Oil - 10 glass vials with 8mL each
A water standard for Coulometric Karl Fischer titratiors. "Water standard oil" is a low level water standard. Prepared by LOT, the water content will vary by LOT never to exceed 35ppm. Each LOT will come with a certificate with test results. Current LOTs are being measured at 6.0ppm.
207.65 207.65 USD
Hydranal Oven Standard 5.55% - 10 gram bottle
A water standard for Karl Fischer evaporators. Specially designed to check & validate Karl Fischer ovens at temperatures between 140°C and 160°C. Consists of finely milled potassium citrate-1-hydrate with a theoretical water content of 5.55% by weight.
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Reagent Bottle; Clear, 1L
985000035 Reagent bottle(1L/brown)
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Sealed Cell Flask Assembly
1,527.78 1527.78 USD
Microtitration Assembly
KMTA-118-50: Microtitration Assembly
1,737.93 1737.93 USD
Microtitration Assembly
KMTA-118-5: Microtitration Assembly
1,737.93 1737.93 USD
Microtitration Assembly
KMTA-118-1: Microtitration Assembly
1,737.93 1737.93 USD
Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator
MKV-710B Volumetric Karl Fisher Titrator

-Type: Volumetric Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator

-Model: MKV-710B

-Product configuration: MKV-710+ Manual Solvent Change Unit.

-Measuring method: Karl Fischer Volumetric Titration

-Measuring range:
1. Water content: 0.1 to 500mgH2O (depends on KF reagent factor)
2. 10ppm to 100%H2O

-Burette precision: Volume: 10mL burette, Discharge precision: ±0.015mL repeatability, Repeatability: ±0.005mL

-Endpoint detection: By polarized potential level detected with a twin platinum electrode

-Titration form: Normal titration / Back titration (Option additional burette required)

-Required solvent: 30 to100mL (in S-type titration vessel)

-Methods: 20

-Key Operation: Sheet key on main unit

1. White LED-backlit LCD
2. English / Japanese / Mandarin Chinese / Korean / Russian / Spanish
3. 1-channel display

-Calculation: Concentration of water content, statistics data processing (mean, SD and RSD) and automatic averaging of blank value and factor value

-Data storage: 100 samples

-GLP conformance: 􏰄registration of operator / 􏰅Record of check results/ Record of factor measurement / Management of conduction time

-External I/O:
1. RS232C port × 2 (for Dot matrix printer, Electronic balance, Data Capture Software (SOFT-CAP)
2. USB x 1 (for USB flash drive, thermal printer, Keyboard, Barcode reader, Foot switch, USB HUB, Android device)
3. SS-BUS x 1 (for APB)

1. Automatic piston burette: Can control max 2 burette drives (including two built-in burette drives)

-Ambient Condition:
1. Temperature; 5 to 35°C
2. Humidity; 85%RH or below (no condensation)

-Power Source: AC100 - 240 ±10% 50/60 Hz

-Power Consumption: Main unit; Approx. 20W, Printer; Approx. 7W

1. Titration Unit; 141(W) × 292(D) × 367(H) mm (, not incl. tubing)
2. Stirrer; 107(W) × 206(D) × 322(H) mm (not incl. Solvent Change unit)
3. Solvent Change Unit; 240(W) × 140(D) × 400(H) mm (not incl. tubing)
4. Printer; 106(W)× 180(D) × 88(H) mm

1. Titration Unit = 4.0kg,
2. Stirrer = 2.0kg,
3. Solvent Change Unit = 0.6kg,
4. Printer = 0.4kg

-Conformity Standard: CE marking EMC : EN61326-1 LVD: EN61010-1 RE Directive Burette unit EBU FCC Part15 SubpartC FCC ID: 2ABSVEBU01
7,850.00 7850.0 USD
Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator
MKC-710B Coulometric Karl Fisher Titrator
-Measuring Range; Water content / Bromine index: 10ug to 300mg
-Measurement cell; 2-Component or 1-Component
-Precision; Relative standard deviation : less than 0.3% (n=10) *Per KEM standard measurement conditions and standard liquids
-Display resolution; 0.1ug
-Methods; 20
-Data storage; 100 samples
-External I/O; -232C port × 2 (for printer, balance, software), USBx1 (for USB flash drive, printer, keyboard, barcode reader, foot switch, USB hub, Android device)
-Ambient Condition; (1) Temperature: 5 to 35°C (2): 85% H or below (no condensation)
-Power Source; AC100 - 240 ±10% 50/60 Hz
-Dimensions; 141(W ) × 292(D) × 244(H) mm
-Weight; Approx.3.0kg
-GLP Conformance; Registration of operator / Check performance with standard substance / reagent life control / Management of conduction time
-Conformity Standard; CE marking EMC: EN61326-1 L D: EN61010-1
7,850.00 7850.0 USD
Touch Panel Controller
MCU-610 Touch Panel Controller for Titrator
7,457.00 7457.0 USD
KEM Amenity Meter
4,312.00 4312.0 USD
Constant Volume/Speed Injector
1,875.00 1875.0 USD
Metal fittings for affixing T500 and TW
KAE4: Metal fittings for affixing T500 and TW
370.37 370.37 USD
Hand-holder for T500 and TW
KAE3: Hand-holder for T500 and TW
518.52 518.52 USD
Pole for measurement with T500 & TW high places
KAE2: Pole for measurement with T500 & TW high places
518.52 518.52 USD
Support for T750
KAE1: Support for T750
266.67 266.67 USD
Evaporator (KF-610 series)
ADP-611 Evaporator

The ADP-611 is an evaporator/oven to be used and connected with a KF moisture titrator for moisture testing of solid samples, powder samples or samples that may interfere by side reaction if titrated by direct injection method.

-Type and model; Model ADP-611 Evaporator
-Heating method; Electrically conductive clear heater glass
-Temperature range; Control method: proportional
Setting range: 50 ~ 300°C Minimum temperature setting: 1°C
Temperature precision: ± 2°C
Temperature sensor: K-thermocouple
-Temperature display: LED digital 3 characters
-Heater unit : Pyrex glass tube φ 30 × 335mm
-Sample boat: Pyrex glass 68 L × 25 W × 15 H mm , Capacity 16mL
-Carrier gas: Nitrogen: not included in supplied parts./ Nitrogen gas, regulator, and tubing have to be prepared by user
-Gas dryer: Zeolite 100g 2 pcs
-Gas flow: 100 ~ 300 mL/min
-Dimension: 370 (W) × 195 (D) × 217 (H) mm
-Power: AC100 ~ 120V± 10% 50Hz/60Hz / AC220 ~ 240V± 10% 50Hz/60Hz (Pre-adjusted before shipment from the factory)
-Power Consumption: Approx. 300W
Weight: Approx. 5kg
11,299.00 11299.0 USD
Evaporator (for Karl Fischer testing heavy Oil)
ADP-513 Karl Fischer Oil Evaporator

-Digital temperature control
-Rotameter carrier gas flow control
-Built-in carrier gas drying system Operating temperature ambient up to 200°C Heated transfer tube
-Overheating protection
-Automatic cell evacuation system

Temperature Range: Room - 200°C
Heating method: Cartridge base heater
Ambient conditions: 5 - 35°C, less than 85% RH
Power: AC 200-240, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 400W
Dimensions: 320 x 210 x 330 mm
Weight: Approx. 6 kg
8,850.00 8850.0 USD