Our Density Meters

Portable Density/Specific Gravity Meter DA-130N


$ 2,500

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Model DA-130N

Density of petroleum products, Beverages, brines oils and fats and concentrations of etching, pickling, flux or plating solutions

  • Specifications
  • Measuring range: 0.0000 to 2.0000g/cm3
  • Accuracy: +/-0.001g/cm3
  • Resolution: 0.0001g/cm3
  • Temperature range: 0 to 40.0 degree C

DA-100 Density/Specific Gravity Meter

Bench top

$ 8,500  

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Model DA-100
  1. Specifications
  2. Measuring range: 0.0000 to 3.0000g/cm3
  3. Accuracy: +/-0.001g/cm3
  4. Resolution: 0.001g/cm3
  5. Temperature range: 15.0 to 40.0 degree C

DA-600 Series

Bench top

$ 12 K to $ 20 k

The 600 series models can come equipped with or without an air suction type pump and automatic viscosity correction.

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Model DA-640
Model DA-645
Model DA-650
ASTM; D1250, D1475,D4052,D4806, D5002,D5798,D5931 ISO12185, ISO15212
  1. Specifications
  2. Measuring Range(all models): 0.0000 to 3.0000g/cm
  3. Accuracy: (DA640: 0.0001g/cm3),(DA645: 0.00005 g/cm3),(DA650: 0.00002g/cm3)
  4. Resolution: (DA640: 0.0001g/cm3),(DA645: 0.00001g/cm3),(0.000001g/cm3)
  5. Temperature range: 0 to 93.0 degree C